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Fun Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July in Jacksonville

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If you’re not biking First Street, on the sand or cooling off in the pool on July 4th, are you really doing it right? We love Jacksonville for a million reasons, and it’s all made clear when we come together and celebrate our freedom. In a few short days we’ll all celebrate our great country, [Read the full article…]

Why You Can’t Hire Just Any Pool Company

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If the incoming summer heat is starting to put you in the mood for a new pool, you’re not alone! Homeowners all around Jacksonville have begun to search for a pool company to create the custom pool of their family’s dreams.

The Most Popular Inground Pool Styles this Year

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2019 has quickly become the year of innovation and experimentation in the home design space. Homeowners and design professionals alike are branching out from their comfort zones to try new, appealing ideas. From luxury pool design to paint colors, there’s no limit to your customization options these days. The Florida Luxury Pools team loves putting [Read the full article…]

Concrete Pools vs. Fiberglass Pools

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It’s crucial to have a clear grasp of your pool design and material options before hiring one of the luxury swimming pool builders in Jacksonville. Whether you go with concrete or fiberglass, keep your mind focused on the fact that you’ll soon have a relaxing pool in your backyard! Our team at Florida Luxury Pools [Read the full article…]

4 Reasons to Start Planning Your Inground Pool Now

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Homeowners from Ortega to St. Augustine are starting to get the itch for an inground pool right about now. While the air is still a bit crisp and the kids are fantasizing about cannonballs and chicken fights instead of school lunches and tests, it’s common for parents to start talking to different pool companies around [Read the full article…]

10 Money Saving Pool Tips

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  Your swimming pool is all about relaxation and what’s more relaxing than not having to stress about money? We’ve got the best kept secrets on saving money around your pool this summer. You can lay out in confidence this summer knowing you’re doing the most you can to save money while still owning a [Read the full article…]

How Often Should I Have My Pool Cleaned?

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  Summer is here and it’s time to whip your pool into tip-top shape. Do you know how often it should be cleaned? We encourage cleaning your pool as often as possible, but here are a few ways to tell when your pool is due for a cleaning:   Pool Chemicals Your pool’s chemistry is [Read the full article…]