About Us

What is the Genesis of Florida Luxury Pools? Why Was Florida Luxury Pools Started?

Florida Luxury Pools is a Jacksonville native-owned company that fell in love with designing and building pools. Working with customers to create 3D drawings of their backyards and pools then watching the pools come to life is a thing of magic for the Florida Luxury Pools staff. It never grows old. Florida Luxury Pools’ passion developed quickly into an outstanding and one-of-a-kind business. Florida Luxury saw the pool industry in Jacksonville as asleep and in need of an awakening. Buying and building a pool is an exciting process and something clients are very eager to do. Jacksonville’s market didn’t reflect that kind of energy. That’s why Florida Luxury Pools was created. With Florida Luxury Pools’ innovative sales process, customers see their backyard come to life. The only way Florida Luxury Pools was going to launch this company was if there was 100% certainty their construction process met raving fan standards. After seeing over 1000 pools built within the Jacksonville area, Florida Luxury Pools could no longer tolerate the standards and mediocrity accepted by the pool industry in their hometown. Jacksonville’s pool industry is ready for a change. It’s ready for inspiring a new way of thinking when it comes to selling and building pools. If you’re interested in more than just a hole in the ground and want to re-think what’s possible with your pool, please contact Florida Luxury Pools.