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Florida Luxury Pools builds beautiful pools in the Jacksonville community and surrounding areas. We’ve developed a process that gives our clients a peace of mind and the finished product of their dreams. Our process is transparent and focused on you, because purchasing a pool is a big decision. We want to make that decision the easiest, best decision you’ve ever made.

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Satisfied Customers Aren’t Enough! Florida Luxury Pools Requires Raving Fans.


So, how do we create Raving Fans? It’s not just about being different from our competition, it’s about providing so much value that you, our client, can’t help but tell your friends and family about your experience — with genuine enthusiasm and excitement. If you aren’t a Raving Fan from beginning to end, we’ve done our job wrong. Here’s the process we use to create Raving Fans:

What Goes Into Creating a Raving Fan?


  • Over-communicate, over-communicate, over-communicate
  • Pre-construction meeting with you to review details and entire building schedule
  • Pre-construction meeting to explain what is going to happen and when
  • Ordering your pool materials before pre-construction meeting
  • Entire pool is scheduled prior to the pre-construction meeting
  • Florida Luxury always makes deadlines, barring extreme weather conditions (*See our guarantee)
  • Simple-to-use owner portal with online and mobile app
  • Live text and app updates all on customers smartphone
  • Thorough checks of quality of work at each phase
  • The next phase never starts until the previous phase has yours and our 100% approval
  • The salesman visits for the plan review, shell completion and deck completion (bearing celebratory gifts, of course!)
  • We only work with qualified, professional subs and Florida Luxury Pools employees
  • We make the building process fun and exciting for you and all of our clients
  • The final product will be exactly as you designed with your salesman
  • Detailed Explanation of how to use and operate your new swimming pool

Florida Luxury Pools wants to build you the perfect pool, not just any pool. We know it’s a large investment for our clients, and in turn, we invest time in both the project and in developing client relationships.

We’ve set the standard.


If your dream is an affordable luxury swimming pool that adheres to all of Florida’s laws and strict codes, there’s no one better for the job than the team at Florida Luxury Pools.

A pool should be your reality, not a distant dream.


You and your family deserve a pool and we’re here to make it happen. Our experience in the industry has taught us the common financial needs and constraints of our clients, so we provide several financing options. Click here to explore your options.

We like building beautiful pools, but we love how they make our clients happier and bring families together. With Florida Luxury Pools, you’re so much more than a number. We’re so excited to build the perfect pool for your family, create a lasting relationship and have you become a Raving Fan.