Grill Recipes That’ll Taste Even Better Around the Pool

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  Pools are great. Grilling? It’s fun, a good time I guess. Put them together, wow… That’s a Florida classic right there! Grilling is more than a way of preparing food. It truly is a social event. Think back to all the outdoor gatherings: Barbeques, 4th of Julys, and of course Pool Parties. What do [Read the full article…]

Ledge Options for Your Pool

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  Imagine yourself sunbathing while sitting in a luxurious pool. Sounds nice, right? Well now imagine it in your own backyard. The features of a spa pool in your own backyard, it doesn’t get much better. This feature is commonly referred to as a ledge. Ledges come in many different shapes and sizes and can [Read the full article…]

Fuse Pool Design & Outdoor Architecture for One Cool Pool

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  Everyone worries about getting it right. Getting it right is hard, but building a beautiful pool is easy. It’s building the RIGHT pool that’s the challenge. If your pool doesn’t fit the whole scheme of your home it might as well be an inflatable kiddie pool. Building pools is serious business. At Florida Luxury [Read the full article…]

4 Essential Pool Accessories

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  You’ve already got a beautiful pool, which is not something everyone can say, so kudos to you for that! Believe it or not, though, it takes more than just a pool to complete the ideal pool experience. Everyone wants to achieve a certain vibe with their pool. If you can’t put your finger on [Read the full article…]

Why Winter Is the Best Time to Install a Pool

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  Installing a pool is a highly involved activity. Oftentimes, people plan out their dream pool years in advance. It’s a big commitment with an even bigger process, but big does not have to mean complicated. That’s why we’re here to help you! When our customers come to us, one of their biggest concerns is [Read the full article…]