Here’s Why Custom Pools are Worth Every Penny

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It’s no secret custom pools take more effort, manpower and money to create. If a new pool is on your brain, it’s important to justify every single expense. From beautiful tilework to unique features, custom pools are all about bringing your specific vision to life. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to [Read the full article…]

Here’s Why a Sun Shelf is the Custom Feature You Want

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Sometimes it’s hard to strike that perfect balance between cooling yourself off without going for a full swim. 100-degree heat makes it nearly impossible to lounge on your pool deck, but you don’t always want to commit to a swim sesh. Solution? A shallow sun shelf with a sleek ledge lounger. Homeowners add sun shelves [Read the full article…]

3 Traits that Set Pools in Florida Apart from the Rest of the Country

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Aside from living in paradise, of course! Custom pools in Jacksonville and all of Florida tend to have certain features that differ from many other states. There are a million reasons to build a pool if you live in Florida. Between the summer humidity and mild winters, you can take advantage of your investment nearly [Read the full article…]

What Really Makes a Pool “Custom”, Anyway?

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We throw around the word “custom” all the time but we’ve never really stopped to break it down (insert perplexed emoji here). Custom pools are our livelihood, but to most homeowners around Jacksonville, they’re just an awesome home addition. After plenty of thought and reflection, here’s a breakdown of the difference between a standard cookie-cutter [Read the full article…]

Popular Landscaping Trends for Homes with a Pool

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The next most important thing to designing the perfect custom pool is choosing the landscaping to accompany it. Backyard styles widely range in cost, materials and architectural design. Custom pools should always be paired with high-quality greenery and yard decor to match. The Florida Luxury Pools team is here with our favorite landscaping ideas for [Read the full article…]