What Really Makes a Pool “Custom”, Anyway?

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We throw around the word “custom” all the time but we’ve never really stopped to break it down (insert perplexed emoji here). Custom pools are our livelihood, but to most homeowners around Jacksonville, they’re just an awesome home addition. After plenty of thought and reflection, here’s a breakdown of the difference between a standard cookie-cutter pool and a fully custom swimming pool. 

When Someone Says Custom, they Mean Concrete

Your two main options when it comes to a new pool in Jacksonville are concrete and fiberglass. Fiberglass pools come in pre-shaped and pre-sized shells from which you get to choose. Concrete pools are fully customizable to your style, space and preference. 

While the Florida Luxury Pools team sees most homeowners gravitate toward concrete, both pool finishes have their pros and cons. Because we’re here to talk about custom pools, we’re only going to review the details of concrete custom pools.

The Top Benefits of Owning a Concrete (Custom) Pool

Where do we even begin! Aside from their gorgeous, unparalleled looks, concrete pools offer many perks to their homeowners. While fiberglass pools also have a couple of pros, they pale in comparison to the look and feel of a fully custom pool.

– Concrete lasts years longer than its top competitors (fiberglass, gunite)

– Can be fully customized to your exact specifications 

– Boosts your home’s resale value when you’re ready to list it (especially compared to fiberglass)

– Best accommodates special features like Firefalls, spas and ledges

Possible Drawbacks of Owning a Concrete Pool

While fiberglass pools do tend to outweigh concrete custom pools in this category, there are still a few downsides worth noting. As with nearly any investment, it all comes down to how well you maintain it. 

– Maintenance costs are higher in the long run

– More chemicals required to prevent algae growth on the porous surface

– Must be resurfaced every 10-to-15 years

Custom Pools Best Highlight Luxurious Pool Features

One of the MAIN benefits of owning a custom pool is its ability to seamlessly integrate any pool feature you want. If your house is custom in any way, custom pool features are a natural extension to your beautiful home.

Jacksonville residents have a few favorite pool features that help counter our extreme heat. Fountains, sun shelves and grottos are all local favorites (and for good reason). All of these features allow your family to cool off, relax and unwind. Win, win, win. 

Partner with the Experts for Custom Pools in Jacksonville

Custom pools are just that — a fully custom design tailored specifically to your home and family. Whatever water features, design or size you need, a concrete custom pool is your answer. 

Florida Luxury Pools is one of the most trusted, highly recognized custom pool companies in the Jacksonville area. We build beautiful swimming pools for families all along the First Coast and beyond. 

Are you ready to beat the heat with a new pool? We’re here to help. Reach out to our team today for your free design consultation