Residential Pool Renovation

Renovating your existing pool is one of the easiest ways to give your backyard a face-lift. Many of our customers have trusted their renovation with us. Over the years the products have become more sophisticated and last much longer. With lifetime warranties on exposed aggregate interior finishes to longer warranties on other products such as pumps, filters, and control systems, upgrading your older pool will make it seem like you’ve just installed a brand new swimming pool in your back yard!

Florida Luxury Pools is a leading swimming pool renovation company in Jacksonville, Florida. Our renovation experts will come to your home and provide you with a free written estimate. You may just need to replace broken tiles or install a new filter or perhaps a more significant upgrade is needed for your pool. We will tailor our estimate and project scope to meet your budget and specifications. We provide a high level of swimming pool service, along with expert knowledge concentrated on construction, renovation and cleaning. Check out our Pool Renovation Gallery to see the transformations!

Commercial Pool Renovation

Commercial swimming pool needs have dynamically changed over the last twenty years. Florida Luxury Pools can guide you into the most up-to-date construction designs and renovate your pool at a fraction of the cost. Considering the size and scope of some commercial swimming pools, it simply makes sense to freshen-up the look – opposed to ripping out and building new. A renovation is a unique way of cost effectively raising the value and improving the attractiveness and draw of your old facility.

Find out how we helped a local apartment complex increase their rent!

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