Here’s Why Custom Pools are Worth Every Penny

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custom pools and features

It’s no secret custom pools take more effort, manpower and money to create. If a new pool is on your brain, it’s important to justify every single expense. From beautiful tilework to unique features, custom pools are all about bringing your specific vision to life. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to invest in a custom pool for your Jacksonville home, we’re here to help make that decision easy.

Every Feature You Love, None You Don’t

Not everyone cares about a luxe water feature flowing from the walls. Instead, you might want a wide sun shelf for the kiddos and relaxation. When you work with a top-quality luxury pools builder, you can have whatever you want!

Custom pools come in all price points, sizes and designs. Our team at Florida Luxury Pools works with homeowners all over Jacksonville to create the perfect pool for their family. Here are some of our most popular pool features:

Sun Shelf with an Umbrella and Ledge Lounger: perfect for lounging, toddlers and pets

Firefall: the ideal heat source take your daytime swimming into the cool evenings

Natural Waterfall: create your ideal ambiance and add a layer of relaxation

Those are just a few of our many unique and novel feature add-ons. Whether your style is classic, contemporary or something in between, our crew has the experience and vision to bring your swimming pool to life. 

Unique Landscaping to Turn Your Yard into a Sanctuary

Don’t limit your imagination to a concrete pool deck. The best custom pools are accompanied by clean, refined landscaping and lawn decor. Florida Luxury Pools works with the top landscaping architects in the Jacksonville area. When you leave your project to the professionals, you’ll soon have the backyard oasis of your dreams. 

Combine manicured grass, square stepping stones, and verdant shrubbery to achieve one of this year’s most popular contemporary outdoor looks. Work with your Florida Luxury Pools team member during the design meeting to create a 3D rendering of your pool and yard. 

Custom Pools are the Height of Luxury in Jacksonville

Homeowners all over Jacksonville and the beaches need an escape in this 100-degree weather. That’s where a luxurious swimming pool comes in. First Coast residents have adorned their yard space with quality swimming pool designs for decades — Florida Luxury Pools simply perfected it. 

Are you ready to create the perfect custom pool for your family? We’re ready to help. Reach out to our team today to get started.