Popular Landscaping Trends for Homes with a Pool

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The next most important thing to designing the perfect custom pool is choosing the landscaping to accompany it. Backyard styles widely range in cost, materials and architectural design. Custom pools should always be paired with high-quality greenery and yard decor to match. The Florida Luxury Pools team is here with our favorite landscaping ideas for beautiful homes around Jacksonville

Earthen Hardscapes + Lush Greenery

For a contemporary look, combine low-profile square and rectangular stones with manicured golf course grass. Work with your landscape architect to design the stones as a pathway to the pool. 

We love this modern look as a juxtaposition to classic estates in the San Marco area and as a contemporary continuation to new construction at the beaches. While it may seem this is an easy look to achieve, minimalism actually requires more maintenance. (But trust us, it’s worth it.)

Eco Landscapes Create a Natural Oasis

If a bright, relaxing grotto is your goal, then it’s important to combine just the right elements. Plush plants and romantic gazebos make custom pools feel like an enchanting pond. Combine low-profile overarching palms and colorful flowers to achieve this unique look.

We love this idea for homes on Roscoe Boulevard and in Historic Ortega. A larger yard space is best for this look, so be sure to work with an expert who understands the aesthetic you want to achieve. 

Feng Shui for the Masses

Asian-inspired backyard landscapes combine simple concrete pavers, clean lines and serene shrubbery. Popular plant options for this contemporary look include Japanese maple trees, mondo grass and bamboo. 

Consider this style if you gravitate toward modern trends but want to incorporate a unique twist. Not many homes around Jacksonville incorporate this landscaping style, so it’s a great way to stand out when so many other looks seem to blend in. 

Custom Pools Deserve Highline Landscaping to Match

The Florida Luxury Pools team has brought custom pools of every size and style to Jacksonville homeowners for years. We work closely with local landscape architects to ensure your desired outdoor look comes full-circle.

Reach out to our team when you’re ready to create the backyard oasis of your dreams.