Here’s Why a Sun Shelf is the Custom Feature You Want

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Sometimes it’s hard to strike that perfect balance between cooling yourself off without going for a full swim. 100-degree heat makes it nearly impossible to lounge on your pool deck, but you don’t always want to commit to a swim sesh. Solution? A shallow sun shelf with a sleek ledge lounger. Homeowners add sun shelves to their custom pools for one clear reason — it’s the best thing to happen to Floridians since sunscreen. Here’s what we’re talking about:

The Perfect Features for Adults, Kiddos and Pups

It’s not just a sanctuary to read a book or catch some rays while staying cool. Sun shelves (also called Baja Ledges) provide a safe, shallow environment for kids and pets to play.

With a typical depth between six-and-12 inches and measurements around six-feet by 12-feet, sun shelves boast just the right amount of surface area for anyone in the family. When you’re working with your local custom pools builder to decide on the size, think about the habits of your family members. 

High-End Add-Ons will Elevate Your Relaxation Experience

Many homeowners now incorporate umbrellas, bubblers and permanent loungers into the shelf design of their custom pools. A great way to add an extra layer of spa-like features is to incorporate more shade and introduce relaxed seating. 

The Florida Luxury Pools team loves to build sun shelves big enough for a couple of loungers plus one additional feature. A built-in umbrella is the perfect way to protect your family from the intense Jacksonville sunshine. On the other hand, bubbling water features provide a massage to anyone who lies near them. 

Soon to be the New Gathering Space in Your Home

Go ahead and ask your neighbors with custom pools about their favorite hangout spot at their house. We promise they’ll tell you it’s their sun shelf (if they’re lucky enough to have one). 

It will quickly become a tanning ledge for adults, a splash zone for the little ones, a launch spot for pool toys and so much more. It’s important to work with a Jacksonville pool company that specializes in custom pools to make sure the design works for your family. 

Custom Pools are Only Made Better by the Addition of a Sun Shelf

Whatever your vision, the Florida Luxury Pools crew has a wealth of experience to bring it to life. From sun shelves to secret grottos, we can’t wait to create the custom pool fit perfectly for you and your family.

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