The Most Popular Inground Pool Styles this Year

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2019 has quickly become the year of innovation and experimentation in the home design space. Homeowners and design professionals alike are branching out from their comfort zones to try new, appealing ideas. From luxury pool design to paint colors, there’s no limit to your customization options these days.

The Florida Luxury Pools team loves putting modern twists on classic pool designs. When it comes to popular pool trends amongst Jacksonville residents, there are a few common choices that stand out.

4 Popular Inground Pool Styles to Pique Your Interest

Whether you have a small backyard at the beach or a massive plot of land out near Yulee, we have plenty of inground pool style ideas to match your taste. It’s important to select a style that’ll stand the test of time. While we pay close attention to design trends, our pool professionals incorporate classic elements wherever possible.

Style Idea #1: Perimeter Overflow Pools

This is the perfect luxury pool design for homeowners with a waterfront home in Jacksonville. The side of the rectangular pool closest to the ocean or Intracoastal acts as an infinity edge. The optical illusion of the vanishing edge accentuates your gorgeous view.

This custom design is available for pools built of fiberglass, vinyl or concrete. If you gravitate toward modern design with high-end elements, a perimeter overflow pool might be perfect for you and your family.

Style Idea #2: Freeform Pools

The fully-custom contours of a freeform pool often mimic the look of naturally flowing water. A great way to take this style to the next level is to plant trees and foliage that mimic an oasis.

Freeform pools are a popular option in many neighborhoods around Jacksonville. They can truly be any shape or size you desire. This is a great option if you have an oddly-shaped backyard. This design breaks all the rules, so you can get creative as you want with your vision.

Style Idea #3 Rectangular Dipping Pools

Mini dipping pools are an increasingly popular option for Jacksonville homeowners, especially those of whom live at the beach. This style is the perfect complement to any elegant home. All the perks of a relaxing swimming pool without the need for much space!

This is one of those pool styles that’s hot in 2019 and will be relevant for countless years to come. One of our favorite ways to take this luxury pool design one step further is the addition of a sun shelf.

If you’re someone who wants to spend your afternoons relaxing in the sun and are perfectly happy with the backyard essentials, then this is a great option for you.

Style Idea #4: Geometric Pools

Don’t get this design confused with the traditional rectangular pool style. Geometric styles are works of art that use sharp lines to create original shapes. Geometric pools engage rectangles, squares and triangles to create unique pools for modern backyards.

Incorporate elegant features like spillways, bubblers and a sun shelf to elevate the design. Geometric pools engage rectangles, squares and triangles to create unique pools for modern backyards. If you seek a high-end aesthetic for your home, this luxe option fits the bill.

Pool Styles Go Far Beyond Different Shapes

Now you know your different custom luxury pool design options, but what about the other details? The material, finishes and design details are fully customizable. Take a look at the most popular options.

Concrete with a Plaster Shell

This is the go-to pool material for commercial and residential pools, and for good reason. It’s attractive, functional and easy to repair.

If traditional isn’t your style, you can choose any aesthetic finish once the concrete is poured. Popular customization options include elaborate stonework and hand-painted tiles.

Concrete with a Fiberglass Shell

Fiberglass pools are often constructed off-site and delivered to your home. The fiberglass shell is lowered into the excavated site in your backyard. Most fiberglass shell manufacturers offer a few different design options, but customization is unlikely.

Fiberglass is a simple, fast option for homeowners with a standard approach to their pool. The smooth surface reduces bacteria build-up but requires significant maintenance after 10-to-15 years.

Concrete with a Vinyl Shell

Similar to fiberglass shells, vinyl pool shells are built above-ground then transported into your backyard. The bottom of the pool sits on a thick layer of sand, while the top is secured by coping.

Many new vinyl shell models come equipped with a UVB interior, which deterioration from sunlight and greatly increases the pool’s lifespan.

Navigate Your Options With an Expert by Your Side

The world of custom pools can get complicated and overwhelming. When you work with the Florida Luxury Pools professionals, we help you navigate the best design options that fit your budget and lifestyle.

Take the next step and get started on your dream pool today. Reach out to our team at Florida Luxury Pools today!