Saltwater vs. Freshwater: Which Pool is Best for Your Family?

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Saltwater pools used to be a unique luxury reserved for hotels and oceanfront resorts. Today, homeowners all around Jacksonville express interest in saltwater pools just as much as freshwater pools. There are clear pros and cons to both, of course, and we’re here to help you make the best decision for your family. Every pool company has a preference, but Florida Luxury Pools is giving you an unbiased approach to this big decision.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Saltwater and Freshwater Pools

The main difference between the two is the chlorination process. At risk of boring you to death, this means chlorine is added to both types of pools but in different forms. Chlorine is a crucial part of any swimming pool and is as important in saltwater pools as it is in freshwater. One common misconception of saltwater pools is that they don’t require chlorine. Here are some other things you might not know:

Advantages of Saltwater Pools

  • Softer Water: This means swimmers with sensitive skin won’t have the irritation they might get in a freshwater pool. Fewer impurities and minerals from the saltwater are due to a process called electrolysis.
  • Cheaper to Maintain: Saltwater pools may be a larger initial investment, but they are less expensive to maintain over time. This comes down to the type and amount of chemicals you need to keep your pool clean.
  • Always Chlorinated: Your local pool company would likely argue this is the biggest pro of saltwater pools. Chlorine is manually added to freshwater pools while a generator distributes chlorine in a saltwater pool.

Disadvantages of Saltwater Pools

  • Complicated to Maintain: It’s not as simple as following a schedule and adding chemicals. If a freshwater pool gets dirty, you simply add more chlorine. When a saltwater pool becomes contaminated, you may need to contact your local pool company to resolve the issue.
  • Salt Corrodes Metal: You and your pool company may want to be careful with the material you choose for railing, steps and pool tops when you opt for a saltwater pool.

Advantages of Freshwater Pools

  • Sanitizes the Pool: Once chlorine is added to the pool and you properly maintain all pH levels, freshwater pools provide a level of sanitation that’s hard to beat.
  • Lower Initial Cost: While saltwater pools can cost up to $2,000 for upfront equipment requirements, chlorine pools cost practically nothing.

Disadvantages of Freshwater Pools

  • Strong Odor: Traditional chlorine pools give off a strong chlorine smell that can irritate some swimmers. Chlorine in saltwater pools is far less prevalent and pungent.
  • Frequent Upkeep: You (or the pool company you hire) must regularly test the pH levels and chlorine content to ward off algae blooms and bacteria growth.

Choose the Right Pool Type When you Work With a Local Pro

Florida Luxury Pools is here to help you make the best decision for your family. When it comes to installing your custom pool, every single option is completely up to you. Yep, even the type of water you put in your pool.

Chat with the Florida Luxury Pools team today to get started on your fully custom pool. We can’t wait to work with you!