What Impact Does Rain Have on Pool Water?

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It’s nearly impossible to protect your custom pool from the rain when you live in Jacksonville. Unless you diligently secure your pool whenever you see rain in the forecast, your pool will be exposed to rainwater and the potential negative effects that go along with it. One of our jobs as pool builders is to equip our clients with the steps to take to protect their investment.

Every Floridian knows there’s always a chance for an afternoon shower during the summer. Even a short five-minute downfall can impact the chemical balance and cleanliness of your swimming pool.

How Rainwater Impacts Your Pool & How to Fix it

From diluting your pool chemicals to increased algae growth, it’s important to properly care for your pool after it’s exposed to the rain. You invested a lot of time and money with your custom pool builder to create a work of art — we don’t need to tell you the importance of preserving your investment!

Before you can act to restore your pool, it’s important to fully understand how the rainwater harms your pool.

It’s What’s In the Rain that’s Harmful

That’s right. Pure, clean rain does not have a huge harmful effect on your pool. What causes significant problems is any debris and bacteria traveling inside the raindrops. Rain commonly carries algae particles, which encourages algae spores to find a new home in your pool and rapidly grow.

You know that slimy green layer that can grow around your custom pool? Yeah, that could be a cause of a recent storm. Pool builders across Jacksonville will tell their clients to avoid and remediate algae growth like the plague.

Chemical Reactions Cause Real Problems

The mix of algae, other contaminants and clean pool water can cause chemical reactions that make your pool’s cleaning agents less effective. Algae and various bacteria feed on the decomposing organic matter in your pool, causing the bacteria to rapidly grow.

So, What’s the Solution to Rainwater Contamination?

As a team of expert pool builders trusted by families all around Jacksonville, we take it upon ourselves to help you prolong the lifespan of your custom swimming pool.

We recommend you test the water in your pool immediately following a rain shower. Depending on the results, you may need to add chemicals to rebalance the pool. The best way to protect your pool from the rainwater’s pH is to maintain the Total Alkalinity levels.

Another great way to keep your pool clean of harmful bacteria is to secure all items around your pool prior to a storm. Materials around your pool deck like chaise lounges, pool floats and umbrellas often collect dirt and algae over time. If these items land in your pool during a rainstorm, they can easily contaminate clean pool water with the residue they carry.

Keep this simple checklist handy as a reminder to safely store all pool items before a storm:

  1. Patio furniture
  2. Chaise lounges and cushions
  3. Potted plants (this is a big one — the last thing you want is soil blowing into your pool)
  4. Grills
  5. Pool toys and floats
  6. Pool maintenance items

Your Simple Guide to Cleaning Your Pool After a Rainshower

Follow these four steps used by professional pool builders to get on the track to a clean pool in no time.

Step 1: Shut off your pool filter and pump

Remove debris from pump baskets and skimmer. Once they’re clean, turn on the pump to begin filtering out small items of debris.

Step 2: Use a skimmer to remove surface debris

Attach a flat skimmer to the telescopic pole to clean your pool’s surface.

Step 3: Use the vacuum and brush

Thoroughly clean your pool’s ladder, steps and railing so the pool filter can pick up the contaminants. If applicable, use the brush to push debris toward the pool drain. Pools with minimal debris can be cleaned with an automatic pool cleaner.

Step 4: Test and balance the water

Take any necessary steps to bring the pH and chemical levels back to a normal range. This is crucial to prevent your pool water from becoming cloudy or green.

The Florida Luxury Pools Professionals are Here to Help

If you have an older pool that may be in need of repair or replacement, we’re the custom pool builders in Jacksonville and the beaches that you can trust. Whether you live in a small suburb or a beachfront home, our team brings beautiful pools to life in every area of northeast Florida.

Reach out to us with any maintenance or installation questions you have. We’re here to serve you!