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3 Types of Automatic Pool Cleaners

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If you still own a manual pool vacuum, it’s time for an upgrade. Who has time to spend hours hand cleaning their pool every week? Not you! Automatic pool cleaners are making a splash in the pool industry. They can work with your filtration system or on their own and help prevent debris and algae [Read the full article…]

5 Maintenance Tips to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

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Summer will be here before you know it and the kids will be out of school for a couple months! Is your pool summer ready? It’s important to thoroughly prepare your pool for summer so problems don’t come up when you need your pool the most. The knowledgeable and creative team at Florida Luxury Pools [Read the full article…]

Is Your Pool Summer Ready?

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  Is your pool ready for summer? We live in Florida, where it’s a blessing and a curse that it gets so hot so fast. It may be 50 degrees now, but in a week it might be 80 degrees and sunny. The seasons switch so fast around here, making it crucial to start prepping [Read the full article…]