The Perfect Time to Install Your Pool

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Whether you’ve come to the conclusion you’re ready for a new pool or you’re fantasizing about the starting process, when to actually get started is likely a question dominating your thought process. Most companies will try to tell you something along the lines of “Now’s the best time to purchase, prices have never been lower!” Well, the Jacksonville pool contractors of Florida Luxury Pools are here to give you the honest scoop.



As the heat begins to escalate, so do swimming pool sales. Spring is a very popular time for homeowners to take pool planning into action. With the weather heating up, the desire to be able to step outside and sun bathe or swim drastically increases. Naturally, if you’re ready to build a pool, you’ll want it done before summer arrives. Pool demand is typically so high in the spring that it can be difficult to find a contractor with the bandwidth. Builders book quickly but don’t forget to check with the best pool contractors in Jacksonville, Florida Luxury Pools.



Early summer is isn’t just one of the busiest building seasons, it can also be the most expensive. It’s still hard to find a good deal, the desirable builders are still pretty booked and you won’t have the summer to enjoy your beautiful pool. As a matter of fact, building during the summer may just be an unnecessary summer stressor. Do you really want to spend your summer with a hole in your backyard and construction workers walking in and out?

On the flip side, scheduling pool building for late summer is a different story. By this time, pool companies in Jacksonville finally start to slow down and look for more work, you might even find yourself a good deal.



The only downside of a fall installation is that you won’t be able to use your pretty new swimming pool until next spring (unless, you live in Jacksonville where you can hit the beach or pool in February). Other than that, fall installations are ideal. Pool companies aren’t as busy, which may result in a better pool price for you. Another bonus? You’ll have the rest of fall and winter for the project’s completion, just incase of any construction delays.



If you’re looking for the best deal, winter could be the sweet spot. Just two issues with a winter installation – one would be that the project may be interfered by low temperatures. But, if you’re in Jacksonville, FL like us, the weather shouldn’t be an issue. The other issue is that some pool builders close up shop in the colder months. Lucky for you, this isn’t typically an issue with Florida builders.


Seasonal differences are normal in any outdoor construction. When you build with Florida Luxury Pools, no matter the season you can always expect perfection. We take pride in our work, we would never put your pool at risk by rushing through installation. You choose the season that works best for you and we’ll ensure you get an amazing pool building experience and a luxurious new pool. Let’s get started, call to book a free consultation today!