Our Pool Building Process

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Florida Luxury Pools takes pride in our reputation as a leading luxury pool design and building company in Jacksonville, Florida. What’s even more impressive is our ability to construct a beautiful swimming pool in as little as 45 days while staying as out of your way as possible. We take extreme pride in our pool designs and promise to work until the pool is exactly as you imagined. Our pool building process is intricate, but we’re here to break it down for you:


Design Stage

Once you’ve signed a contract and put down a deposit, it’s time for us to get to work. We start by evaluating the site and determine a course of action. Next, we discuss shapes, colors, stones, etc. with the homeowner, sketch a few rough drafts and prepare permit drawings. Once the homeowner has signed off on the permit drawings, we’ll design and redesign until you’re in love with your future pool.


Building Process

We start by stripping the grass and outlining the pool in the dirt. Next up is the excavation, which is basically digging a big hole. That hole is then shaped and we start to lay steel, concrete and make the necessary preparations for plumbing. Next comes the first inspection. Our workers inspects everything they’ve done so far to ensure your pool won’t have any structural problems in the future.


Once all is cleared, we lay the tile and grout it. Then comes the real plumbing. We dig trenches, run pipes, set equipment and run ground wire so you’re pool has proper plumbing, water flow and electricity. Next is the second inspection, if the mechanics of everything look good to go, we move forward.


The following step is to install a screen enclosure if the homeowner opts for one. If so, we form the footers, perform another inspection, pour the footers, installing pool coping and grout the pool coping – all in an effort to prepare for the installation. Now, we install the pool deck and screen enclosure and prepare for the safety inspection. If the homeowners opts for a baby barrier gate, this is when we’d install it. We also ensure alarms are installed and fence and gate requirements are up to code.


The finally stretch includes another safety inspection, plaster the pool and finally, fill it! We do one last round of inspections and then you and your family are free to enjoy your beautiful new pool! When you’re ready to build, let’s get started. Call Jacksonville’s best pool designers and contractors, Florida Luxury Pools!