Is Your Pool Summer Ready?

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Is your pool ready for summer? We live in Florida, where it’s a blessing and a curse that it gets so hot so fast. It may be 50 degrees now, but in a week it might be 80 degrees and sunny. The seasons switch so fast around here, making it crucial to start prepping your pool for summer now!



Are you one of the many people who turns off your pool’s filtration filter during winter? Now is the time to turn it back on and ensure everything is working as it should. Repair any minor problems you may find before they turn into bigger, more expensive issues. Check for leaks, abnormal wet spots around your pool and listen for weird noises.


If you own a saltwater pool, be sure to clean the chlorine generator. You can do this by using a hose to remove mineral build up or residue that’s built up over time. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate our team of pool experts at Florida Luxury Pools to handle it.


TDS, Chlorine and Salt Levels

Do you live in an area with hard water? Has your pool been looking cloudy lately? If so, your pool needs to be checked for mineral build up before anyone uses it this summer. Built up minerals can keep the chemicals in your pool from doing their job. If you find that your total dissolved solids (TDS) is too high, odds are you’ll have to drain your pool.


If your TDS levels are normal but your pool is still cloudy, check the pH balance, chlorine and salt levels in the water. As for saltwater pools with chlorine generators, your salt levels in the pool need to be checked out. Unless you’re an expert, pool companies in Jacksonville suggest letting professionals handle it.


Could Your Pool Use a Drain?

Did you know your pool needs to be drained every three to five years? Don’t try this on your own! It’s important to let the professionals handle situations like these, as there are a lot of things that could go wrong. Once your pool is empty, use this time to scrub the flooring, replace lights if needed or anything else you can’t do when your pool is full. Refill when you’re ready by using your own garden hose, or let the experts handle it for you.



Do you have fencing around your pool? Check to make sure all the latches and locks are working properly because you don’t need any kids or pets falling in this summer! Verify all your pool equipment and chemicals are stored away safely. Your safety equipment should be easily accessible and consist of a lifesaver ring or flotation device and a first aid kit.


If you’re unsure if your pool is summer ready, call your favorite pool company in Jacksonville, Florida Luxury Pools. We’ll do everything in our power to ensure you and your family have a fun, safe time in your swimming pool. Get your preparations out of the way early to maximize your time in the water!