Building a Pool in Jacksonville? How Your County Impacts the Process

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The invisible county line that separates you from your neighbors down the street is super important in the construction industry. Zip codes do more than separate school districts and determine your taxes. When it comes to building a pool, your county of residence means everything. The pool company you work with has to gear up and dig deep into county codes before they build. Here’s everything you need to know about the process:

Acquire the Right Building Permits

Every single county across the United States requires different zoning and residential building permits. Most counties and townships primarily require a residential building permit, while others also require an electrical permit.

If you want to find out what permits you need before hiring your local custom pool company, it’s simple to access that information. You can research online, contact your local municipality or head to town hall and talk to the building inspector. Sound like too much work? Yeah, we don’t blame you. It’s our job at Florida Luxury Pools to know this information from the beginning of the building process.

Submit Alllll of the Required Paperwork

Now, this step is tedious! We highly recommend hiring a pool company early on so they can help you navigate the paperwork. The first step is to fill out the building permit application and submit it with the appropriate payment amount. Every county is different, with some locations around Jacksonville being more strict than others.

Another important document is the plot plan. This is a thorough diagram that shows the swimming pool location in comparison to the house and property line. Other important paperwork items include dig specs, the panel layout…the list goes on.

Stay Patient During the Approval Process

Just like some counties are stricter than others, it’s very common for certain counties around Jacksonville to take far longer for approval. Your pool may be approved in a couple of days or many months. The average timeframe is five-to-seven days in most counties. Chat with your pool company or county building inspector about the anticipated lead time to receive your permit.

Stay Sane and Leave the Legwork to a Professional Pool Company

Installing a fully custom swimming pool is incredibly exciting, but preparing to install a pool can be pure chaos. The Florida Luxury Pools team is here to keep it easy. We’ve worked with homeowners all around Jacksonville to keep the process transparent, simple and stress-free.

Do you live in Jacksonville or the Beaches? If so, we’re ready to tackle any requirements your county may have. Check out our case studies for some inspiration and reach out to us when you’re ready to build your dream pool.