Pablo Creek Reserve Case Study

rebuild pool jacksonville



There was a home contractor in Pablo Creek that normally received quotes from a certain pool company but searched around and found us for a quote. They were intrigued immediately and gave us a shot. Fast forward a couple days and we receive a call from the contractor. In a frenzy, he explains that the project needs to be finished by the closing of the house that went from a 60-day close to a 30-day close… This gave our team about two weeks to complete the project!


Two weeks was a tall order, but nonetheless, we picked up our tools and got to work. One aspect of the job was the clients lived out of town. This distance barrier added an extra hurdle in the decision-making process. Everything from materials to color choices had to be approved and we wanted to make sure we presented the best possible options in order to be approved the first time around. Thankfully, the clients were willing to provide insight which helped streamline the decision-making process. Due to the tight time frame, we had a lot of the work done in-house, all the way from plumbing to tiling.


Despite the time crunch, the project was completed with time to spare. The work began on a Thursday and by next Sunday the pool was filled with water. An underground wall that we had to drill into place, even had time to be repaired within these 10 days. The finished result? A beautiful pool with sharp looks and elegant deck jet fountains.