Adam in Atlantic Beach Firefall Case Study

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Adam had an extremely specific vision in mind. He wanted a spectacular pool that no one had ever seen before. On top of this, his home is located at the beach and had very limited space to work with. He looked everywhere but couldn't find a pool company that had the features he was looking for… until he found us. Adam wanted a water feature that showcased a fire with a waterfall flowing over it. Behind the waterfall and fire pit would be a built-in seating area where you could enjoy the water feature whether you’re in or out of the water. Needless to say, we were ecstatic to get to work on this project.


We knew this was going to be a big job - it was uncharted territory. We wanted to make sure we were going to do it right. We had about 14 hours worth of meetings before even finished planning out our design creation: Firefall. It took a while to get everything perfect in order to tackle this beast of a project. We were so proud of what we had created we had to have it trademarked. Since then, we’ve had the pleasure of installing three more Firefalls.


After lots of hard work, the finished project was stunning. The Firefall is wrapped in waterline tile and showcases lights that live inside the waterline, they change the color of the water as it pours out. The deck is covered in gorgeous travertine tiles. The pool features a pebble interior and we even put in a sun shelf beach entry. With Adam’s specific vision and our sheer determination to get it right, we created something extraordinary and overall unique.

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