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Everything You Need to Know About Pool Inspections

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Bright blue pool in the backyard of a home. Remodeled.

  So you just built a beautiful new home with a beautiful new pool. That’s fantastic, but what’s your next move? Chances are you want to make sure it’s not too good to be true right? Sure everything looks perfect but what’s the catch? What’s behind these pristine walls, and above the chandelier-clad ceiling?  If [Read the full article…]

3 Crucial Things to Take into Consideration Before Buying a Pool

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  After the initial stages of planning and installation and the periodic maintenance, pools are pretty much all fun and games going forward! There are just a few things to consider before you take the plunge, pun definitely intended. When it comes to pool maintenance, there a few daunting tasks you should keep in mind [Read the full article…]

Pool Renovations We Love

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jacksonville custom built pools

  Pool renovations come in all shapes and sizes. There are a few renovation ideas that we absolutely love and can’t wait to share with you. We hope our inspiration is fuel for your next pool designs! The best part of a pool remodel is the end of the project, when you can see that [Read the full article…]

Our Favorite Pool Accessories for Summer 2018

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  You’re lounging by the pool in the summer heat with a glass of lemonade in hand and rockin’ the best pair of shades money can buy. What could make this even better? Pool accessories! Pool accessories not only make your pool look amazing, they also make relaxing by the pool a breeze. Here are [Read the full article…]

5 Maintenance Tips to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

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Summer will be here before you know it and the kids will be out of school for a couple months! Is your pool summer ready? It’s important to thoroughly prepare your pool for summer so problems don’t come up when you need your pool the most. The knowledgeable and creative team at Florida Luxury Pools [Read the full article…]

Our Pool Building Process

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Florida Luxury Pools takes pride in our reputation as a leading luxury pool design and building company in Jacksonville, Florida. What’s even more impressive is our ability to construct a beautiful swimming pool in as little as 45 days while staying as out of your way as possible. We take extreme pride in our pool [Read the full article…]

The Perfect Time to Install Your Pool

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industrial construction installation tiler builder swimming pool

Whether you’ve come to the conclusion you’re ready for a new pool or you’re fantasizing about the starting process, when to actually get started is likely a question dominating your thought process. Most companies will try to tell you something along the lines of “Now’s the best time to purchase, prices have never been lower!” [Read the full article…]

How to Pick the Right Pool Shape for Your Yard

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Didn’t think you could find a pool for your home because you have an oddly shaped backyard? Think again! There are thousands of pool shapes and sizes out there and one of them is bound to complement your home. Florida Luxury Pools takes pride in our ability to create and execute luxury pool designs. It’s [Read the full article…]

3 Ways to Know it’s Time to Renovate Your Pool

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  Does your pool need a little pick-me-up? Next time you step outside, take a good look at your pool. Sometimes when you see your pool so often, it’s hard to notice aging. Our team at Florida Luxury Pools is here to help you decide if your pool needs to be revamped. When you notice [Read the full article…]

Florida Luxury Pools’ Specialities

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pool renovations jacksonville

Does your pool desperately need a remodel? If your pool is 15 to 20 years old, the answer is yes! Florida Luxury Pools is a pool building company in Jacksonville that specializes in renovation. Renovation is the cost-effective way to freshen up your backyard and our team loves designing and bringing an old, out of [Read the full article…]