4 Unexpected Pool Expenses to Put on Your Radar

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Swimming pools are a big investment for families of every budget. Unfortunately, the pool company you work with can’t control every single aspect of the pricing. You’ll absolutely love the design process when it comes to creating a custom pool, but it’s important to put unexpected costs on your radar when you make your budget.

Excavation Issues

Most unexpected costs come after the pool is built and the water is poured. The biggest roadblock you could experience during the building process is what’s underneath your yard. Old pipework or an Indian burial ground could be sitting right behind your house! You just never know.

The issue we most frequently see during excavation is groundwater or rock beneath the surface. But let’s be clear — issues during the excavation process are rare. Your local pool company experiences these issues in about one-percent of their builds. The good news is, the Florida Luxury Pools team has the foresight and knowledge of local procedures to move the process right along.

Pool Decor

Many homeowners only account for the price of the actual pool when building a budget. This is a big no-no. Unless you plan to skip chaise lounges, proper landscaping and pool toys, then this is a line item you must include.

When you decide to splurge on high-end iron or teak pool furniture, you’re going to pay for the quality of the pieces. Sure, you can get cheap pool furniture, but why ruin the aesthetic of your brand new custom pool? Keep your eye out for steep discounts during the off-season.

Backyard Landscaping

Another decor aspect you can’t forget is landscaping. The right greenery elevates your pool design and ties your entire home together. If you’ve never worked with a professional landscaper (which we completely recommend so the design is on-point), then you may not know the costs.

You can find many talented local landscape architects, but they come with a steep price tag. If you don’t want to include this important item in your budget, you can opt for a DIY job. The cost of materials will still be high.

Increase in Your Insurance

When you’re in love with your new home addition (which you will be when you work with Florida Luxury Pools), then small cost increases aren’t a big deterrence. One possible expense to anticipate is something homeowners insurance companies call an “attractive nuisance”. This basically means that your new pool could lure trespassers which could lead to potential injuries.

Your obligation to this insurance spike comes down to where you live and how your pool is built. On the other hand, your insurance company may require you to spend money on additional safety features, like a fence.

Work With a Pool Company that Keeps Costs Transparent

The worst thing in the world is when you have to stretch your budget to an uncomfortable amount. Our professionals at Florida Luxury Pools do everything we can to avoid this frustration. We are always upfront, honest and budget-conscious.

Ready to get started on your custom pool? Reach out to Florida Luxury Pools today to schedule a design meeting!